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Scholar-in-Residence: Nahum Ward-Lev

Religious School & Family Education :: (505)982-6161
Director of Education: Joy Rosenberg
Emeritus Director of Education: Deborah Weinberg

Preschool :: (505)982-6888
Preschool Director: Leah Lewin Gibbons
Contrary to popular belief, Leah was not born in Brooklyn. “Ich bin ein Municher, or a munchkin, or whatever.” She was born in Fahrenwald, a Displaced Persons Camp to two brave, young survivors of the Holocaust who escaped the Nazis by bicycling from Vilna to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. After the war, having lost most of their family members, they were smuggled into Germany in order to get to America. They left Germany when Leah was an infant, traveling on an American Army ship to arrive in the land of freedom and opportunity. Leah did, however, grow up in Brooklyn, in Crown Heights and Canarsie, surrounded by other survivors of the Holocaust, but still managed to play punch ball with pink Spaulding balls in the streets, along with handball and jump rope and other urban kid games. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in art history and then moved to the big city, Manhattan. Tiring of urban life, Leah journeyed to New Mexico, receiving her Master’s degree in Art Education from UNM. Then the hippie life beckoned and she lived in the Jemez Mountains for a number of years, studied various spiritual paths, and worked on her art, mixed media drawings. After all that, Leah moved to Santa Fe, rediscovered Judaism, remarried and raised three daughters, all native New Mexicans and native Temple Beth Shalomers. She has one granddaughter, who calls her “Bubbie” and will be attending the TBS Preschool next fall. Leah also hikes, travels, gardens, studies yoga and tries to get into her studio occasionally. As they say, ”From here to Canarsie…” or “Du kenst tzenemen di maidele fun Brooklyn ober du kenst nicht tzenemen Brooklyn fun di maidele”.

Youth Group Advisor: Ellen Zieselman
If you have children in the TBS Religious School, you probably know Ellen Zieselman. As our BSTY (Beth Shalom Temple Youth) advisor since 1990, one of our B’nai Mitzvah tutors since 1997, and a teacher in our religious school, Ellen can be found at TBS more often than not. Her TBS career began in the fall of 1990 when the 5th grade teacher quit after about 2 classes. It went so well that she graduated with her kids to 6th grade and then to 7th, the grade she has been teaching ever since. Ellen travels about 5 times a year with her class to NFTY-SW events all over our large and diverse region, generously giving up her own vacation time to do so. In June of 2008, Ellen was named the URJ RJ Youth Worker of the Month. She takes pride in the fact that BSTY has a reputation as the least cliquey, nicest, most welcoming youth group in the region. As you might have guessed from that “vacation time” comment, Ellen actually has a “real job” as Curator of Education at the New Mexico Museum of Art. Ellen was born in New York City and grew up in New Rochelle. She has an AB (with honors) in Art History from Brown University (her senior thesis was on Depression era prints) and a Masters from Williams College. She did a semester’s internship at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. In June of 1989, Ellen came to Santa Fe and worked as a temp at places like Montgomery Ward’s until the Museum hired her in October of 1989.

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Services & Study This Week

Friday, April 18
5:30 pm Matzoh Brei Potluck
6:30 pm Evening Service with Friday Night Live! Senator Tom Udall will speak

Saturday, April 19
9:15-10:15 am Bagels, Lox, Coffee, and Torah Study, SH
10:30 am Shabbat Morning Service

Monday, April 21
8:00-9:00 am Monday Morning Minyan and study, Upper Sanctuary